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Small Stones Festival of the Arts

The Small Stones Festival is a collaboration of Apple Tree Arts, the Worcester County Camera Club, and the Blackstone Valley Arts Association.  A major part of the festival is a juried exhibition of fine art and fine art photography, to be held in the Great Hall at One Grafton Common. 
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You are invited to submit your original works of art for this exhibition through this website.  A distinguished panel of jurors will review all submitted work, and determine which will be qualified for exhibition.  Just prior to the exhibition opening, they will also select prizewinners in the following categories:

  • Fine Art - First Prize: $500.
  • Fine Art - Second Prize: $250.
  • Fine Art - Third Prize: $100.
  • Fine Art Photography - First Prize: $500.
  • Fine Art Photography - Second Prize: $250.
  • Fine Art Photography - Third Prize: $100.
See the Festival Schedule for timing details.

How to Register and Submit Your Work

In order to submit your work for consideration in the festival, you must register on this ArtCall site by clicking on the Register button in the header above (if you already have an login, you can simply log in using the green Login button instead).  Fill in the necessary information on the registration form and create a password.

Although there is no registration fee, there is a nonrefundable submission fee of $10 per submitted work.
To submit work to the exhibition:
Terms and Conditions
  1. IMPORTANT: Read the Terms and Conditions for the festival.
  2. Register or log in as described above.
  3. From your user page ("My Submissions"), click on Purchase Submission Credits.
  4. You'll see a payment screen where you can prepay for the number of works you will submit.  Enter the required payment information to proceed.
  5. You will now have credits in your account for the number of submissions for which you've paid.  You can click on Add New Submission to enter the information for your first entry.  Scrolling past the terms and conditions, fill out the fields for your entry, including category, subcategory, title, size (you can enter 0 for depth) and price (you can enter 0 if not for sale).
  6. When you submit the information for your first entry, the next screen will prompt you to upload a photo of your entry.  Please ensure that the photo is clear and of high quality, as it will be used to judge your entry and, if selected for exhibition, may be used for the exhibition catalog.  Also, observe the limits for min and max pixel dimensions and file size.
  7. When you have uploaded your photo, your first entry is complete and will appear on your user page.  You can now continue with additional entries if you wish.
Watch the following video to learn more...